An Initiative to Partner with Municipalities and the Private Sector to
Build Smart Modern Cities and Communities in Africa!

  • 1.6 Trillion US Dollars; Africa’s Collective GDP, at 2008, Equal to Brazil or Russia’s.
  • Africa Has 52 Cities with over 1 Million People -Equal to Western Europe.
  • 40 Percent of Africa’s One Billion People Live in Cities – a Proportion Roughly Comparable to China’s population and Higher than India’s.
  • Africa’s top 18 Cities Projecting a Combined GDP of $1.7 trillion, Making African Cities a Growing Economic Force.

Now is the time for government and business leaders to recognise the value created by smart city thinking. The technology-enabled city is an untapped source of sustainable growth and represents a powerful approach for tackling unprecedented environmental and economic challenges. By unlocking technology, infrastructure and public data, cities can open up new value chains that spawn innovative applications and information products that make possible sustainable modes of city living and working. While smart initiatives are underway in urban centres around the world, most cities have yet to realise the enormous potential value from fully-integrated, strategically-designed smart city development programmes. We believe that through clear vision and, most of all, leadership, civic leaders and executives can help cities make the transition to initiatives that maximise the smart city value opportunity”.  -Information Market Place .