The Business and Community Development Department has the primary responsibility for developing entrepreneurialism in rurally based individuals and enterprises through the processes of individual or group mentoring, direct professional assistance and guided practice. It also has the responsibility to identify and develop local workshops, seminars and regional forums focused on business opportunity and business development.  It assists local communities to identify and compete for grant opportunities that are relevant to local business development and employment growth.

The Department promotes and coordinates ACIED’s Asset-based paradigm of economic development which emphases asset-based, risk-sharing and self-financing economic development programs, ethical business, community self-reliance and environmental standards throughput the African Continent. It works with ACIED’s network of allied consultants and advisors in Islamic Finance, Social enterprise capital formation, impact investing, cooperative development, anchor institutions and community finance to offer a uniquely comprehensive and rigorously field tested set of programs for transformative community wealth development in African Communities.