The Africa Islamic Economic Foundation, (AFRIEF)
operates through Country Business Directors, (CBDs) who act as ambassadors of the organization in their respective countries. We believe the best ideas come from a room full of different opinions. In addition, if we can utilise our substantial resources, we would be able to bring different minds and disciplines to the table, which will result in an out-of-the-box thinking instead of conventional solutions.

The Country Business Directors operate independently from their private homes and offices and maintain regular contacts with AFRIEF’s headquarters in Ghana. They work as Independent Consultants and therefore can be compatible with other professional activities, and often sign a 2-year contract with the Foundation. The CBDs attend a conference call at least once every month with the President of AFRIEF or any of his deputies.Under the general guidance of the President, they support the overall governance structures and the entire work of the Foundation.

The CBD must be based in the country where a deal or opportunity origination occurs. Once the CBD sources an opportunity, AFRIEF will develop the opportunity until closing. The CBD’s responsibilities are more often than not, limited to maintaining the relationship at a cordial status during the work until the transaction is successfully closed. The responsibilities of the CBDinclude, but not limited to effectively marketing and promoting AFRIEF’s social and financial services and programs as well as in their respective countries, bring opportunities to the organization in the form of services, projects, public and private entities requiring investment-banking services, funding and debt restructuring in the following sectors:

  • Institutional Development
  • International trade
  • Islamic financial services
  • Halal Economy
  • SMEs and Entrepreneurship
  • Energy & Power (Renewable, Oil & Gas)
  • Infrastructure Development and related services
  • Smart Cities and Real Estate
  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Agribusiness
  • Water Resources Management
  • Commodities
  • Technology
  • Processing and Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  •  IT
  • Tourism and Hospitality services

Desired Skills and Experience

A CBD must be a team player with knowledge of African financial markets, an enthusiastic exponent of poverty elimination and economic development. Must have proven ability to operate at a strategic level with senior managers and officials. Must possess strong analytical skills to be able to identify key issues, then design and implement practical solutions. These roles will make an immediate and lasting difference to the public services and people of developing countries.

The CBD will also be able to source Limited Partners (LPs) for AFRIEF network of Fund Managers (GPs) in fund raising mode; and must be able to secure corporate trainings programs, Islamic financial consultancy services, and originate filtered investment opportunities in the middle market (tickets of USD5 million to USD2000 Million and above) in the sectors described above in the emerging economy countries in which the organization operates in Africa.

A minimum of 5 years’ experience in consultant, legal office, brokering or similar position in the sales and marketing of financial services. including M & A advisory, investment banking services and venture capital or private equity industry. He or she must be entrepreneurial, success oriented, proactive, resilient and be able to make things happen, supporting the overall deal origination function through the international organization, scouting, sourcing and initial vetting of projects, pitching our value added services to developers, funds and companies.

CBDs are required to comply with:

  • Legal, Engineering, Economics, Islamic finance, MBA, Agricultural and Biotechnology degrees.
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience at a relevant management or consulting position in legal or sales & commercial in financial services in the investment banking, venture capital and/or private equity industry.
  • Currently an independent consultant or partner in a small legal, engineering and financial consulting business working at a local level.
  • Very strong network in the local financial, industrial and investor community.
  • A thorough domain understanding in General Finance, Public Private Partnerships, Power, Energy, Infrastructure, Renewables, traditional oil & gas, infrastructure, technologies, operations, smart cities and real estate, institutional and project development and capital markets will be highly valued.
  • Have knowledge in fund raising and investment banking procedures and processes.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills and be comfortable working with C level individuals, fund managers and  partners.
  •  Must be fluent in English, in addition to the local language. Additional languages are a plus.
  • Entrepreneurial, hungry for success, ambitious, a team player and willing to face the challenges of this fast growing market.
  • High user level knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite and other IT platforms and tools.
AFRIEF offers substantial commissions at transaction closing as agreed upon in the service contract with the guarantee of the full support of the entire AFRIEF organization.