Smart Cities and Communities Projects under the Initiative are implemented under five phases, with various activities and outcomes within specified time frames as defined in the tables below:


Relevant cities or national governments intending to join the Initiative will not have to pay any fee to do so but they will commit to:

  • Provide data on the participating city and draft the city profile according to the methodology agreed for the project;
  • Cover their share of the costs related to the project, which are mainly the documentation work,
  • hosting the international team of experts, local experts, honorarium for resource persons,  workshops  and capacity buildings and local transport during the mission;
  • Attend all scheduled meetings and events and if necessary nominate a replacement;
  • Share all communications and information with the project partners;
  • Make timely decisions and take action so as to not hold up the project;
  • Notify members of the Advisory Group, as soon as practical, if any matter arises which may affect the development of the project;
  • Open and honest discussions;
  • Involve all relevant stakeholders;
  • On go ‘health checks’ to verify the overall status and ‘health’ of the partnership.