The Presidency of the Foundation is the Executive organ of AFRIEF. It serves at the orders of the Board of Trustees and the general membership of the Foundation. The President acts as the CEO of the Foundation, presides over all meetings of the Executive Council, supervises all the business and affairs of the Foundation, give direction and inertia to the formulation and achievement of the Foundation’s philosophy, mission, strategy, objectives and goals. He serves as the primary spokesperson for the Foundation and represents the Foundation and its members to other organizations, the industry, government and public agencies, the media and the public. He is assisted by two Vice-Presidents and an Executive Director.

The President develops relationships with key senior executives throughout the business community in Africa to maximize the awareness of the Foundation’s value and to maintain and increase sponsorship opportunities. He appoints all committee and task force chairs, except where otherwise stated in the Bye laws, facilitates accomplishment of the Foundation’s strategic goals and objectives, and presents to the Board of Trustees and the Executive Council an evaluation of the pace, direction, and organizational strength of the Foundation.